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Have you listened to the new episode yet? — April 21, 2016

Have you listened to the new episode yet?

Good afternoon! Have you had a chance to listen to the new episode on our weekly podcast on Different from the Other Kids : Natural Alternatives Edition or Season Two. Angela is excited to bring back Jen from last week and last season, who you might remember dealt with anxiety and went through many different options to try and get it managed.

This week, we bring back Jen for a second interview where she tells us a little more about essential oils and how they helped her achieve a more healthy lifestyle and helped manage her challenges. Listen on iTunes here – http://apple.co/1n0PHex – and let us know what your thoughts are! Leave a review if you’re feeling really generous! Thanks for tuning in.

New #dftok #podcast with Jen – #PartTwo — April 18, 2016

New #dftok #podcast with Jen – #PartTwo

Happy Monday everyone, it’s time for a new Different from the Other Kids interview on the weekly podcast! As part of our new season two, titled Natural Alternatives Edition, this week’s episode Angela speaks with Jen again regarding her passion for essential oils and how they have helped transform her life.

If you can recall, Jen was a valued contributor last season, where we listened to her story about her anxiety and how it controlled her life. Her story is one that many parents can relate to – she searched tirelessly in search of something to help her in her time of need. Listen to our latest interview – http://apple.co/1n0PHex – and let us know what you think!

Have you checked out this week’s #podcast yet? — April 15, 2016

Have you checked out this week’s #podcast yet?

This new season of Different from the Other Kids is really going strong! We’ve had some exciting guests so far for season two with some really positive and uplifting stories from different people. One of the best parts of these interviews is how we can add dimension to people’s lives and spread the message of support.

In case you haven’t checked out our weekly podcast for parents on iTunes yet, here’s the link – http://apple.co/1n0PHex – and we would love it if you could leave us a review. Each one helps!

New #podcast episode from #DFTOK #Natural #Alternatives Edition — April 11, 2016

New #podcast episode from #DFTOK #Natural #Alternatives Edition

Hello DFTOK fans! It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for a new interview with Angela, and this week we have Jennifer, who you might remember from Season One. She was a young woman who struggled with anxiety, and tried many different treatments and techniques to manage it. When we last talked, Jen was still searching for some kind of “miracle cure” that would help her without traditional medication.

Join Angela this week for our catch-up interview with Jen. We’re very excited to hear about Jen’s new passion for essential oils and how they help her in her everyday life. Check out the interview on iTunes – http://apple.co/1n0PHex – and let us know what you think! Leave us a review, we’d really appreciate it!

#Natural #Alternatives Edition — April 6, 2016

#Natural #Alternatives Edition

We’re excited to announce that Different from the Other Kids: Natural Alternatives Edition is in production using some of the great interviews from season two of our weekly podcast!

For those who might not have checked it out yet, our podcast is on iTunes and can be listened to here – http://apple.co/1n0PHex – don’t forget it’s updated weekly, with a new conversation around mental health with your host, Angela Tsounis!

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