Different from the Other Kids: Natural Alternatives Edition – A Weekly Podcast for Parents of Challenging Children

Season Two – March 2016 to July 2016

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Season Two: Prologue – Christine (Air Date : June 24, 2016)

In this bonus episode of Different from the Other Kids, Angela interviews her best friend, Christine and how her experiences with a naturopathic doctor helped spur Angela and Christina (Angie’s daughter) onto a more natural path.

Christine tells a tough tale about her father, a man who was twice diagnosed with cancer, and at one point was given only months to live. Find out how Walter has not only survived his treatment, but is back to almost his old self! It’s an interesting story of triumph that we should all hear.

This interview was first recorded March 2016.

Episode 17 – Deb K. (Air Date : March 7, 2016)

Welcome back to another season of Different from the Other Kids! Thanks for all the support last round… We are back with all new guests, all new interviews, and all new stories! This week Angela interviews Deb K, a mother of a now grown adult who was different from the other kids. She shares her experiences in raising a son who was more challenging than most.

Deb discusses how difficult it is to find suitable help for a child who presents with these challenges. We will be joined by her son in a later episode to hear both sides of the story. This actually is a successful tale… I’m happy to say the least. Tune in for a story of hope and healing.

This interview was first recorded October 2015.

Episode 18 – Deb K. (Part Two) (Air Date : March 14, 2016)

This week Angela welcomes back Deb K, a parent who raised a child who faced more challenges than most. Last week, we got to know a little bit about Deb and her son’s struggles with anxiety, and their issues finding appropriate help within the system.

This episode, Deb discusses how her son was able to take control of his health through varied changes to his life. Although Deb sees him struggle occasionally, she shares a positive message about not losing hope and learning to accept things as they are, which is a message we can all take to heart.

This interview was first recorded October 2015.

Episode 19 – Atticus (Air Date : March 21, 2016)

This week on Different from the Other Kids, Angela interviews Atticus, a young man of 25 who was a challenging child. Last week, we talked to Deb, his Mom who told her side of the story. This week, we get to hear Atticus’ story from Atticus in person.

We talk with Atticus regarding his journey, which he refers to as his “Transformation” while dealing with his challenges. Atticus talks about his childhood, his treatments and how he lives today pharmaceutical free,with a good life balance. It’s really an interesting story with some ideas for us all to consider – join us for this weeks interview!

This interview was first recorded November 2015.

Episode 20 – Atticus (Part Two) (Air Date : March 28, 2016)

In our second interview with Atticus, Angela discusses Atticus’ decision to stop pharmaceutical medication to control his challenges… Of course, with the help of a naturopathic doctor who specializes in mental challenges.

It’s a tough, but courageous story of how a young man changed his outlook on life from having a diagnosis to being able to take control and use techniques people have used to keep healthy. Join us in this interview to see what helped Atticus on his journey, and how he attributes a change in thinking to realizing his ability to transform.

This interview was first recorded November 2015.

Episode 21 – Atticus (Part Three) (Air Date : April 4, 2016)

In this episode we sum Atticus’ other two conversations with a circle back to what we at “Different from the Other Kids” believe to be cornerstones of having not only great mental health, but great overall health in general. We talk to Atticus regarding the changes he made to his life to help him deal with his challenges.

Join us in this week’s brand new interview with Atticus detailing the final steps of his journey as he made major changes to his life. Easy tenets, such as eating right, exercising and thinking positively have the ability to change lives, especially someone who faces challenges.

This interview was first recorded November 2015.

Episode 22 – Jen (Air Date : April 11, 2016)

Do you remember Jennifer Bitner from Season One of Different from the Other Kids : A Weekly Podcast for Parents of Challenging Children? She shared her story of how she struggled with anxiety throughout most of her young life, and had tried many different treatments and techniques to help control and maintain her challenges. 

In this week’s episode of our podcast, we check-in with Jen, over two years since we last talked and see how she is doing today. Jen offers some information how using essential oils have factored into her health and well-being.

This interview was first recorded October 2015.

Episode 23 – Jen (Part Two) (Air Date : April 18, 2016)

This is our second catch-up interview with Jen, a previous contributor and great example of a “never give up” attitude. She explains more about how essential oils have been lost to history, but are making a comeback for all kinds of health reasons.

Join Angela in her latest interview with Jen, who offers some great advice on healthy living and a healthy mind.

This interview was first recorded October 2015.

Episode 24 – Christina (Air Date : April 25, 2016)

You might remember Christina, Angela’s driving motivation for Different from the Other Kids, our original guest from our first book and podcast. Christina joins her Mom in catching up from August 2015, which you might remember was when she last joined us in the “Conclusion” section of the book.

Join us this week as we talk to Christina about how she’s doing today. She tells us of her journey and how she’s changed in the past few months using many different types of supports through natural means. She has quite an interesting story to tell!

This interview was first recorded April 2016.

Episode 25 – Christina (Part Two) (Air Date : May 2, 2016)

Our second interview this time with Christina and Angela focuses around the types of natural therapies she’s currently using in her day-to-day life. It involves reiki, essential oils, stretching and meditation – all natural alternatives to support daily life.

Listen to this episode for some uplifting, informing, and exciting stories between Christina and her Mom, our podcast host Angela. Christina feels like a whole new person from the last time we met her (in the last book). Find out why!

This interview was first recorded April 2016.

Episode 26 – Christina (Part Three) (Air Date : May 9, 2016)

It’s our final catch up episode with Christina, Angela’s daughter who inspired this effort! We’ve reached the final part of her story so far… Her decision to start taking herself off medication through natural supports. It’s been a long journey and a tough decision to come to.

Join us in this exciting interview between mother and daughter. Christina has some great things to share, and her experience is one all parents should hear. She has a lot to say about how she has been doing since, and it’s definitely worth a listen!

This interview was first recorded April 2016.

Episode 27 – Dr. Jiwani, BSc. ND (Air Date : May 16, 2016)

As we continue our journey throughout the world of natural-based alternatives, this week Angela talks with a very special guest, one is who is very close to Angela and her family. Dr. Nyla Jiwani, is a Naturopathic Doctor having graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and has been licensed to practice naturopathic medicine since 2003. Dr. Jiwani opened the Oakville Naturopathic Wellness Centre in 2012, aiming to bring a multidisciplinary approach to health and wellness.

Angela and Dr. Jiwani discuss how the doctor got into naturopathic medicine, how she approaches her patient’s wellbeing, as well as a few of the “tools” she can use to assess someone’s health. Join us for what is an interesting and illuminating interview. If you ever wondered about naturopathic medicine, hear it from a doctor!

This interview was first recorded February 2016.

Episode 28 – Dr. Jiwani, BSc. ND (Part Two) (Air Date : May 23, 2016)

This week we welcome back Dr. Nyla Jiwani, who is a naturopathic doctor and been practicing naturopathic medicine since she was licensed in 2003. She operates out of the Oakville Naturopathic Wellness Clinic, which she opened in 2012. Her approach to health and wellness takes a whole-body perspective, using many different tools to help individualize care for her patients.

Join us for our second interview between Angela and Dr. Jiwani, and they continue their discussion about her treatments and how they can help children and parents alike. Listen to a great discussion about the importance of nutrition, as well as how intravenous therapy works. It’s quite interesting, check it out!

This interview was first recorded February 2016.

Episode 29 – Rosa (Air Date : May 30, 2016)

Angela is interviewing Rosa this week, who is someone very hard to describe… Rosa is a physical, mental and spiritual healer. Rosa combines a combination of physical therapy and mindfulness in order to facilitate healing, personal growth and transformation. Rosa has a background in science and exercise physiology, with a minor in nutrition, specializing in preventative disease. Rosa has been a personal trainer and eventually opened her own business, Rise – Mind Body Fitness in 2012.

Listen to the discussion between Angela and Rosa to get a better idea of what Rosa does and how she does it. She has really changed the life of not only Angela, but Christina as well. Her story is one definitely worth listening to! Check out our interview today!

This interview was first recorded February 2016.

Episode 30 – Rosa (Part Two) (Air Date : June 6, 2016)

This week in Different from the Other Kids Angela welcomes back Rosa; physical, mental and spiritual healer, who uses a body-centered psychotherapy and mindfulness. Rosa helps clients strengthen their bodies, minds, and spirits to help them transform their lives. She has been operating her own business, Rise – Mind Body Fitness, and has piloted her own type of therapy that really works.

Angela and Rosa talk more about how important the mind-body-spirit connection is to overall health, and how it can help everyone live a more balanced and grounded life. Listen to this week’s episode for some great information and really sound advice!

This interview was first recorded February 2016.

Episode 31 – Grace (Air Date : June 13, 2016)

Angela is talking to Grace Kohn, fellow author and mother of a child with autism spectrum disorder. Angela and Grace talk one-on-one exploring how life can change when presented with a challenging child. Grace discusses her daughter’s difficulty getting diagnosed,  difficulty finding treatment, and how she became a central part of her daughter’s care.

Grace Kohn, is currently writing her book, “Children of Autumn” which tells Grace’s story how she raised (and continues to care for) her daughter. Join us for an informative and energizing interview with Grace.

This interview was first recorded March 2016.

Episode 32 – Grace (Part Two) (Air Date : June 20, 2016)

This week Angela welcomes back public speaker and fellow author, Grace Kohn, who is currently describing her life and how she struggled at times raising her daughter. Grace has an interesting story in the interview… Which many parents might have found insurmountable, but Grace’s strength did not diminish. 

Join Angela and Grace in an extremely interesting and sometimes shocking interview. Grace, and her daughter Julianne, have a very life-affirming story that all parents should hear, one of hope, strength and perseverance. 

This interview was first recorded March 2016.

Episode 33 – Grace Part (Three) (Air Date : June 27, 2016)

In our final interview with Grace Kohn, we hear more about the spiritual side to her work and how Spirit plays a role in health and all of our lives. Grace Kohn, author of the book “Children of Autumn,” public speaker and autism advocate, tells us how having Julianne has changed her life for the better.

Join Different from the Other Kids in this moving discussion about a parent caring for a child with autism-spectrum disorder. What people may see as a challenge, Grace calls us all to see the positive in life, and how it’s made her (and the people around her) better, fuller people.

This interview was first recorded March2016.

Episode 34 – Bobby (Air Date : July 4, 2016)

Angela welcomes Robert Koven, aka Bobby, stand up comedian and businessman who has spent his life being told he was different. Bobby has a comedic take on life, and walks Angela (and our listeners) through the changes in his life, and how he has used comedy to overcome his struggles.

Tune in for this week’s episode for a lighter side of things. Robert was diagnosed with Tourettes when he was younger and has struggled with depression and anxiety. Bobby explains how he’s built his “BAST” (Bobby’s Amazing Support Team), and now teaches a class to help support others with challenges and develop their own comedy routine. Intrigued? Listen to this week’s podcast!

This interview was first recorded March 2016.

Episode 35 – Bobby (Part Two) (Air Date : July 11, 2016)

In Angela’s second interview with Bobby, we get a little more serious regarding Bobby’s experiences with depression and finding yourself in what he calls, “The Dark Room.” Bobby continues on the discussion with meditation, mindfulness and tai-chi to combat his excess energy.

Join us for another fun and funny episode of Different from the Other Kids, featuring comedian Robert Koven. Bobby even preforms a little bit of his routine this week and demonstrates his comedic and musical acts. It’s a Different from the Other Kids podcast like no other! 

This interview was first recorded March 2016.

Episode 36 – Bobby (Part Three) (Air Date : July 18, 2016)

In our final one-on-one with Robert “Bobby” Koven, Angela and Bobby get a little lighter with his experience with Tourette’s Syndrome. Bobby talks about the ups and downs, the challenges in his life and how he’s dealt with everything. From relationships to life advice, Bobby’s unique take is full of humour.

It’s Season Two’s final episode, so give it a listen! Bobby Koven and Angela delve into how life is different for someone with challenges. Bobby’s advice to parents is worth listening to, as someone who has lived to adulthood (and managed to find his own way), knows what it’s like to be different from the other kids.

This interview was first recorded March 2016.