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A Book of Interviews for Parents of Challenging Children

Season Two is over, Season Three coming soon! — July 25, 2016

Season Two is over, Season Three coming soon!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! From Angela Tsounis and the Different From The Other Kids team, we’d like to thank you for listening to Season Two of our weekly podcast. Different from the Other Kids: Natural Alternatives Edition (the eventual name of the season) brought some familiar faces and some new ones to the show. Angela and her guests talked about natural medicines and non-traditional therapies, all in an effort to help strengthen children who need a little extra support (and possibly, their worn out parents or caregivers). For those who might’ve missed an episode, check out http://www.dftok.com/podcast-info/ for all of the interviews from Season Two! Keep an eye out for our next book as well!
And we still aren’t done! Season Three, Different from the Other Kids: Law & Disorder Edition – the weekly podcast will debut in September! This next season focuses how these children can grow up to face difficulties in the judicial or educational system. We talk to educators, lawyers and parents all in an effort to understand the difficulties that can arise when trying to find a place within the system. Mark your calendars & check out our other seasons! http://www.dftok.com/podcast-info/ – thanks for all your support!
Final Interview with Grace Kohn — June 29, 2016

Final Interview with Grace Kohn

Did anyone get a chance to listen to Grace Kohn‘s new interview with Different From The Other Kids‘ own Angela Tsounis? This week we wrap up this three-part interview, focusing on how she stays positive throughout her experiences, and what we all can take away from her story. Listen on iTunes or GooglePlay!

Welcome Grace, #publicspeaker & #author — June 17, 2016

Welcome Grace, #publicspeaker & #author

Grace Kohn joins Angela this week on Different from the Other Kids : Natural Alternatives Edition, who is a public speaker and author. Grace is the mother of Julianne, who has autism spectrum disorder. Grace talks about her past and how she has spent her life caring for Julianne. It’s an amazing tale of hope and courage, one that everyone should hear. Check it out and let us know what you think, click here to find a list of platforms you can listen to our weekly podcast on!

Welcome back Rosa, #energyhealer — June 6, 2016

Welcome back Rosa, #energyhealer

This week Angela welcomes back Rosa, who you might remember from last week! Angela and Rosa talk more about how important the mind-body-spirit connection is to overall health, and how it can help everyone live a more balanced and grounded life. Listen to this week’s episode for some great information and really sound advice about the importance of being mindful and grounded. Listen on iTunes or GooglePlay!

Interview with Dr. Jiwani – listen now! — May 18, 2016

Interview with Dr. Jiwani – listen now!

Hey everyone! Have you had a chance to listen to this week’s latest episode yet? It’s quite an informative interview… This week, I have a discussion with Dr. Nyla Jiwani, Naturopathic Doctor. She opened the Oakville Naturopathic Wellness Centre in 2012, where she approaches health and wellness a little differently than most doctors. Join us this week for our first of two interviews with Dr. Jiwani. Don’t forget to let us know what you think! Listen on iTunes – here – or on GooglePlay – here.

Have you listened to the new episode yet? — April 21, 2016

Have you listened to the new episode yet?

Good afternoon! Have you had a chance to listen to the new episode on our weekly podcast on Different from the Other Kids : Natural Alternatives Edition or Season Two. Angela is excited to bring back Jen from last week and last season, who you might remember dealt with anxiety and went through many different options to try and get it managed.

This week, we bring back Jen for a second interview where she tells us a little more about essential oils and how they helped her achieve a more healthy lifestyle and helped manage her challenges. Listen on iTunes here – http://apple.co/1n0PHex – and let us know what your thoughts are! Leave a review if you’re feeling really generous! Thanks for tuning in.

New #dftok #podcast with Jen – #PartTwo — April 18, 2016

New #dftok #podcast with Jen – #PartTwo

Happy Monday everyone, it’s time for a new Different from the Other Kids interview on the weekly podcast! As part of our new season two, titled Natural Alternatives Edition, this week’s episode Angela speaks with Jen again regarding her passion for essential oils and how they have helped transform her life.

If you can recall, Jen was a valued contributor last season, where we listened to her story about her anxiety and how it controlled her life. Her story is one that many parents can relate to – she searched tirelessly in search of something to help her in her time of need. Listen to our latest interview – http://apple.co/1n0PHex – and let us know what you think!

Season Two – Episode Two is up! — March 14, 2016

Season Two – Episode Two is up!

It’s time for another episode of Different from the Other Kids – A Weekly Podcast for Parents of Challenging Children. This week we have Deb again, who was kind enough to share her story of raising a child with mental health challenges. Take a few minutes to listen to this story of hope and positivity, as this is one story that definitely has an uplifting tone. Check out the podcast at http://apple.co/1n0PHex on iTunes, and please leave a review! Let us know what you think of the new season!

Season Two of DFTOK is LIVE!!! — March 7, 2016