Different from the Other Kids

A Book of Interviews for Parents of Challenging Children

Have you checked out this weeks interview? — February 1, 2017

Have you checked out this weeks interview?

Hello everyone! Have you listened to this week’s podcast yet? Angela sits down with Shelly, a friend and mother. Shelly’s son encountered some difficulties with school after falling into a depression. Listen to the podcast to listen how Shelly and her son were able to make changes to help him succeed after being diagnosed with a mood disorder.

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Our interviews with Shelley — December 5, 2016

Our interviews with Shelley

Hello, everyone! Wondering if anyone has checked out the latest episodes of our weekly podcast, “Different from the Other Kids: Law & Disorder Edition,” featuring Shelley!

Throughout these three interviews, Shelley discusses what it’s like growing up as a child in a house where the parent has mental health challenges. Shelley discusses much of the stigma she and her siblings faced while trying to find help for their mother, and where they found support growing up. Take a listen to each of Shelley’s episodes – let us know what you think!

Listen to Shelley : Part One, Part Two and Part Three.

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New #podcast episode with Elizabeth — November 1, 2016

New #podcast episode with Elizabeth

This week on Different from the Other Kids: Law & Disorder Edition Angela introduces Elizabeth. They discuss the issues that Elizabeth’s daughter has faced with addiction and ADHD, how she hit rock bottom and finally realized that she needed to change her life. Elizabeth’s candid account highlights that mental health is not a life sentence and that through compassion she was able to help her daughter.

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Welcome back Jacquie Tyas for another great interview! — October 11, 2016

Welcome back Jacquie Tyas for another great interview!

Hello everyone! We are back from Thanksgiving with another interview with Jacquie on Different from the Other Kids. Angela sits down with Jacquie once more as they discuss youth engagement and the power of giving young people a voice. Things as simple as giving input on meals and participating in group activities can have a major impact on how young people come to view themselves and the world they inhabit. Listen now at http://bit.ly/ListenDFTOK!

New interview this week with Jacquie! — October 3, 2016

New interview this week with Jacquie!

This week on Different from the Other Kids: Law & Disorder Edition, we welcome back Jacquie. She talks about her son’s ongoing struggles with mental health and addiction issues, and the tragic reality of supporting a loved one when the available resources are inadequate. Jacquie navigates the difficulties of trying to find a psychiatrist who can provide long term monitoring of prescriptions for her own traumas and gives us insight into the disconnect between patients and service providers.

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