Different from the Other Kids – A Weekly Podcast for Parents of Challenging Children

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Different from the Other Kids – A Weekly Podcast for Parents of Challenging Children is a weekly one-on-one interview between Angela Tsounis, a parent of a challenging child, and either another parent or professional within the mental health community.

Season One of Different from the Other Kids aired on iTunes from October 2015 to January 2016 and featured introductory interviews to Angela, her daughter and some friends and professionals that Angela met along the way of trying to get appropriate treatment for her daughter (and herself). While being subject to a failing healthcare system, as well as facing a society bent on blame, Angela searched for parental resources during this difficult time. Click here for information about all the episodes in season one.

Season Two of the podcast or the Natural Alternatives Edition picked up with Angela interviewing more people and professionals who seek to help children who face mental health difficulties with a more natural means. Join us for all new interviews with some familiar voices, but also some new ones, that offer some exciting and eye-opening perspectives on mental health. Season Two aired between March and July 2016. Click here for the episode guide of season two.

Season Three or the Law & Disorder Edition launched September 2016 as Angela continued her weekly podcast interviewing all types of people who work with mentally ill youth in either the educational or judicial systems. What difficulties do these challenging children face when entering school (and sometimes, unfortunately, the justice system)? Join Angela for all new interviews! Click here for the guide to all the episodes in season three.